Thailand 2022: Reclaiming a year of crisis

Thailand 2022: Reclaiming a year of crisis

How many of us started 2022 with a sense of cautious optimism that the worst of the pandemic was behind us?

Gemini Thailand is a unique organisation, we provide 360 Recruitment and Human Resource services across a wide range of industries and pride ourselves on the very best customer service possible.

When 2021’s lockdowns hit, we were faced with diverse challenges like keeping our business afloat within a shrinking industry of manpower supply, fortunately, we are surrounded by our innovative business partners and having a passionate professional team we inspired to face these obstacles head-on again in 2022.

Strength in partnerships:-

Sustainability and inclusivity are key values for Gemini Thailand with our partners but in the face of an ongoing pandemic we were concerned they would be deprioritised. With aligning our clientele business needs (new and existing), Gemini Thailand invents business salutations together with recruitment budgets. This is to ensure our business partners are making a sustainable recovery in conection with Gemini Thailand from the pandemic.

From a client perspective Gemini ticks some important boxes. We ensure our services are met in a timely fashion, we are cost affective and we meet all Thai Labour Law Regulations in relation to flexible employment without having to make major adaptations to the workplace.

Looking ahead:-

It is clear from our research and tactical marketing that even in the face of the pandemic, Thai businesses are not giving up on inclusivity and social impact. Now is the time to reimagine what employment in Thailand looks like, and we welcome any partners who want to join us in making the future landscape more diverse.

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