6/26 Event Recap: 人才发展端变革管理 Change Management in Talent Dev.

On Wednesday, June 26th, Gemini Personnel successfully held the 11th HR Executive Roundtable. The event was organized in collaboration with Tahota (Shanghai) Law Firm at their West Bund AI CBD office space. About 30 HR executives and service providers gathered to join the presentation on the topic “How can enterprises achieve change management in talent development during adversity”, delivered by Chris Zhuang.

Chris Zhuang is the coach and facilitator from Adaptive Leaders, focusing on equipping leaders to adapt faster in volatile environments.

6月26日(周三),杰迈晶雅成功举办了第十一届人力资源高管圆桌会议。我们与泰和泰(上海)律师事务所合作,在其西岸AI CBD办公空间举办了此次活动。约30位人力资源高管和服务商聚集在一起,参加了由庄理昂Chris主讲的题为 “ 企业如何在逆境中实现人才发展的变革管理 ” 的演讲。

Chris Zhuang是Adaptive Leaders的教练和引导者,该机构专注于帮助领导者更快地适应多变的环境。

During the presentation phase, Chris introduced the theory of“Immunity to Change️” and its underlying secret of how people operate in face of change comes from the very “hardware and software” of our CPU - the brain and its root code. Chris facilitated a series of conversations to surface the concept of “Big Assumption” and how this “Big Assumption” serves and confines us at the same time. Conversations over how to test and expand the “Big Assumption” followed, HR leaders were curious about how to flip the “Big Assumption” to support business leaders to be more open and flexible in communication, collaboration, delegation, and much more. Participants reviewed Adaptive Leaders case studies of “Immunity to Change️” and “Developmental Sprint️” in real corporate learning and development scenarios.


Following the presentation, the executives in the human resources industry had a roundtable experience-sharing session. They shared their talent development challenges, and success stories while also sharing new solutions that they can implement in their organizations. One area that executives considered challenging is the transition from older to younger staff. Recommended successful solutions included promoting younger staff while augmenting older staff into the role of adviser while providing more flexible working benefits, and another solution was giving young talent a fresh start at an independent space outside of the jurisdiction of the senior staff.


We are grateful to all the participants for attending this event, whose mission is to create a knowledge-sharing HR Industry executive community. We are also glad for the cooperation opportunity and support from Tahota (Shanghai) Law Firm and for being able to welcome guests in their exclusive corporate environment.



We plan to hold the next HR Executive Roundtable at the end of July in Shanghai. Interested parties and HR Executives are welcome to inquire about more details and register with Gemini Personnel staff for future event.



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