Build up your personal brand on Linkedin

Build up your personal brand on Linkedin

Linkedin is becoming more and more important nowadays. It is the place where all Human Resources managers, recruiters and candidates are now networking. It is a good place for searching and viewing a person/company’s background directly. But with over 500 million Linkedin users, how do you make your profile stand out?

  1. Professional Profile Picture
    According to a 2016 LinkedIn survey, your profile is 21 times more likely to be viewed if you have a LinkedIn photo. Therefore, you should choose your profile picture wisely: make sure it is representative and professional. (Remember: Linkedin is not Instagram or Facebook)

  2. Strategic Headline
    This is key to let recruiters find you and give them the first impression of you and your experience and interests. Spend some time to think about an interesting, thoughtful and strong summary to represent you. Keep in mind that you have 2000 characters with which you can wow people. It may help to take pen to paper first and list your qualifications, values, and accomplishments.

  3. Manage the Featured Skills and Endorsements
    You could ask client/colleague to write a recommendation on your profile. According to a 2016 LinkedIn study, users who display five or more skills are messaged 31 times more and viewed 17 times more than those who do not! So as meaningless as Endorsements seem, they do attract more interest in your page. The endorsements you get for skills/traits are a good indicator to clients/recruiters.


  4. Be an Active User
    Linkedin is not only a recruitment platform, but also a dynamic professional social medium. Don’t just make your profile look pretty, use it to promote yourself and attract attention. You should participate in interactive activities like sharing content, leaving comments, and/or writing blogs on Linkedin.