Case study: Outplacement and redeployment support in Hong Kong

Case study: Outplacement and redeployment support in Hong Kong

At the end of Q1 Gemini started working with a client in the manufacturing industry. Initially the client planned to lay-off around 30 staff in Hong Kong and China due to office relocation and they approached Gemini for outplacement support for the impacted workforce.

After several in-depth consultations, it was agreed that wholesale layoffs may not be the perfect solution as it would involve hefty compensation packages, additional recruitment, on-boarding and training costs. Gemini worked with the client to assess the background of their workforce and identified that 40% of them have the potential, aligned with appropriate training, to be redeployed to another position within the group.

Our client agreed that the combination of both outplacement and redeployment would not only prove more economical, but that it would also improve workforce agility and reduce potential damage to staff morale.

The client accepted our proposal and we set to work. We ran individual assessments against specified competencies for each of the staff identified for redeployment, holding workshops and training sessions. The result was that 8 employees (27% of total affected workforce, including both front line workers and office supporting staffs) were successfully reassigned to new positions within their group. For the staff that were unfortunately made redundant, we provided individual outplacement support, offering expert advice, rebuilding their confidence, and working on their profiles to better position them for re-entering the job market. We are very happy to report that many are already interviewing for new positions and that some have already landed new roles.

With “the end of cheap China”, the aftermath of a trade war looming and digital transformation, Gemini expects the need for outplacement and redeployment support to increase in Q3 and Q4. While the career transition services market in Asia is a still at a nascent stage when compared to Europe and the US, appreciation of the importance for employers to look after their employees post-employment is growing.

For a confidential discussion regarding outplacement services, redeployment or other HR related matters, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Gemini’s HR Consulting Division at or on +852 3552 9185.