Case Study: Providing Outplacement Services for a China team for a global IT Company

A global IT company with a local team in China faced layoffs of 4 employees due to market changes in 2022. The HR department needed to support these employees in finding new employment opportunities.


The HR department aimed to provide laid-off employees with job search support, career counselling, and access to job opportunities in the IT and AI industries.


The HR team partnered with our team at Gemini Personnel to provide laid-off employees with comprehensive job search support, including:

Career Coaching: Our team provided one-on-one career coaching sessions to help laid-off employees identify their strengths, skills, and job search goals. They also provided guidance on networking, interviewing, and resume-writing techniques.

CV Editing: Our team worked with each laid-off employee to review and edit their CV, ensuring that it was up-to-date and effectively highlighted their skills and experience in the IT and AI industries.

Goal Setting: Our team helped laid-off employees set achievable job search goals and provided guidance on creating a personalized job search plan. This included strategies for networking, applying for jobs, and tracking their progress. Additionally, our team provided support in preparing for job interviews, negotiating job offers, and adjusting to the new work environment.


All 4 laid-off employees successfully found new employment within 3 months of being laid off, and all of them received offers from companies in the IT and AI industries. The HR department received positive feedback from laid-off employees, who appreciated the tailored support and assistance provided by our team at Gemini Personnel during their job search. One satisfied employee said, "The support from Gemini Personnel was invaluable. Their team helped me identify my strengths and set achievable job search goals, which led me to my new position in the IT industry."

Lessons Learned:

This HR project demonstrated the effectiveness of outplacement services in supporting laid-off employees during the job search process. By working with our team at Gemini Personnel to provide comprehensive career coaching, CV editing, and goal setting, the HR team was able to provide effective support to laid-off employees throughout the job search process.

If you're facing a similar situation, consider partnering with our team at Gemini Personnel. We provide comprehensive outplacement services to help employees find new employment opportunities in their desired industries. Contact us today to learn more.