Case study: Sales in Singapore

Case study: Sales in Singapore

The Client
Our client is a luxury watch retail group in Asia. The group currently owns and operates 41 retail stores in Asia.

The Challenge
The client was looking for an experienced sales person who not only possesses a warm personality but also has a strong affiliation with horology and a passion for watches. In addition, the budget given was below the market rate.

The Solution
Gemini Consultants in Singapore posted the job on various platforms and the Gemini website. At the same time, Gemini’s consultants conducted a thorough search for candidates who had a background in horology. After a tedious search, Gemini’s consultants found an ideal candidate. Gemini’s Consultant then observed how the candidate was serving the customers in the store and approached the candidate.

The Result
The client was very pleased with the candidate and immediately arranged a second interview. This placement has given huge confidence to our client and they were impressed with the role Gemini’s consultants had played in determining the right match between candidate and position.

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