The digitalization of talent experience

The digitalization of talent experience

A recent 2021 report from McKinsey & Company on the Future of Work indicates that upskilling and reskilling are the key to the future of workplace growth and staff retention rate. This is also echoed by L&D teams worldwide as a Top priority according to LinkedIn’s 2021 Workplace Learning Report.

In fact, this trend has been accelerating over the past 12 months with the pandemic affecting the way companies assess how they need to evolve to face a changing world of work.

Gemini has been receiving an increasing number of requests revolving around upskilling and reskilling from clients looking for talent management solutions to address the needs of both departing employees through career transition support and internal employees through internal mobility, skills forecasting and career pathing.

At the same time, it is no surprise that digitalization is paving the way of HR transformation in these areas as well. The latest report from the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management on training and development needs indicates that 95% of companies surveyed in HK have already invested in some form of online learning programmes and almost 60% have been increasing their spending in 2020 vs 2019. And the trend is set to continue.

Therefore, as a first in Asia, Gemini is leading the way and partnering with world-class providers to launch two new scalable and high impact online HR solutions platforms to address these needs and more:

Thrive: Thrive is the only career transition and development platform that enables employees and job seekers to select services through flex spending based on their career stage, objectives, and personal factors to advance their career development in or outside of the organization. This platform is built as a marketplace for outplacement, upskilling and reskilling.

Fuel50: Fuel 50 is an award-winning AI-driven career pathing talent experience platform that will smart-match employees to opportunities and career journeys within the organisation, using machine learning to identify skills forecasting. This solution is aimed at internal talent attraction, internal mobility, career pathing and talent retention.