Employer of Record services

Employer of Record services

Establishing and growing an office in a new country can be a difficult challenge at the best of times, but it has become that much harder with the current restrictions on international travel due to Covid-19. This being said, it doesn’t mean expansion plans need to be put on hold.

Gemini Personnel in Singapore can assist you in building your team in Singapore, by acting as the Employer of Record. Some of the benefits of using our service are as follows:

  • Looking after all payroll matters and issues including payment of CPF contributions
  • Payment of salary, bonus and commissions
  • Handling all mandatory reporting issues such as Individual tax filing
  • Handling all administrative duties for issues such as employee termination
  • Help in recruiting candidates for your team
  • Providing Employment Pass application services where necessary

While Singapore is one of the easiest and most business friendly countries to do business and establish a presence, given the current environment some firms may want to look to minimise expenses and risk. Working with Gemini Personnel could be a way to reduce the risks and expenses associated with expansion.

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