Gemini 2022 HR priorities & needs survey

Gemini 2022 HR priorities & needs survey

At the beginning of 2022, we asked a selection of our clients based in Hong Kong to participate in a survey and share their needs and priorities regarding digital training. The survey covered areas like how regularly our clients use digital training products, do they rely on in-house training products or external providers, and most importantly which are the areas of training they would like to focus on in 2022. In this article we’ll share a few snippets of the insights, should you wish to have the full findings report please speak with us.

Results show that even in Hong Kong, a market where more traditional and face-to-face training solutions used to be preferred in the past, there has been a clear shift in mindset over the past two year, a shift made necessary by the pandemic but also and more importantly now widely accepted by employees. Over 75% of the respondents strongly agree that the pandemic has increased employee acceptance of online digital training, while overwhelmingly, 93% respondents are onboard with digital training and are planning to use more digital training tools in the future. The digital training trend is clearly being embraced in an unequivocal way.

In terms of delivering the training, there is little appetite from employers for developing the tools needed in-house and 76% plan to rely on external vendors. This is a challenge few companies are willing to undertake on their own and partnering with the right vendor is key. Although most respondents are on-board with digital training, a hybrid approach (classroom + virtual) is still the most desired, showing corporates are not fully committed to digital solutions yet, and most clients feel their employees should commit 1-2 hours per week on digital training.

Leadership development, strategic thinking and people management are the most sought after soft skills training by the respondents, and with the pandemic showing no signs to slowing down, compounded with the increasingly concerning talent shortage faced by organisations in Hong Kong through emigration and travel restrictions, Gemini reckon demand for digitised upskilling and reskilling solutions, as well as talent and leadership development programmes will keep surging for the next few years. On the talent acquisition perspective, companies will look to hire agile and multi-talented employees so they can maintain their competitiveness in this ever-changing business environment.

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