Have you been offered a new job, but not sure if you should accept it?

Have you been offered a new job, but not sure if you should accept it?

There are many reasons why people look for a new job – for career development, a chance to learn new skills, more money or to escape an unhappy workplace. The process of searching, applying and interviewing for a new job can be very long and tiring, and when you finally receive a new job offer, the relief can be huge! In the middle of this excitement, it’s also essential to carefully consider what is on the table before accepting the offer, to make sure that you make the right decision. Before accepting a new job offer, here are 5 tips and suggestions to consider before saying yes.

1. Know your value
 You should take the time to research the market to know what other candidates in your industry are being paid. At Gemini, we release quarterly salary guides which can help you to know your value in the current market, and help you to negotiate from a position of knowledge.

2. Don’t only focus on money
 It’s very easy to look at what salary is being offered and making a decision based purely on the numbers, but you should also look at what else is being offered. Flexible working, pension entitlements, free gym and health insurance, training and development, career progression are all increasingly important factors to your determining your satisfaction and enjoyment in a new job. Accepting a job that offers the highest salary may seem like the best choice initially, but can often lead to dissatisfaction if the company does not provide other benefits that you would value highly.

3. Don’t treat the negotiations as hostile
 It’s essential to be positive and warm throughout the negotiation process. Demonstrate to the company that you would like to join them and ensure that all communication is professional and productive. If negotiations become too confrontational, then it could lead to the offer being withdrawn, or if you do get on board, the relationship might be damaged due to the tense negotiations.

4. Be sure to get everything in writing
Whilst it’s important to maintain a friendly and positive stance during negotiations, you should also follow up in writing to confirm what is being negotiated and what has been agreed. This will help to avoid any problems in the future, with promises that were made over the phone or in face to face meetings, which are not then been kept once you are on board.

5. Know when to walk away
 As much as you may want to change jobs, it is also crucial to make the right choice when making the move. Some candidates will accept the first offer made to them because they just want to leave their current job, which can very quickly become a case of “out of the frying pan, and into the fire!” If the company is not prepared to give you what you feel is fair and reasonable, or if the negotiations become negative or aggressive, then you should think carefully about whether or not the job and company in question are best fit for you.

If you do decide to walk away, you can take confidence in the fact that your skills and experience are currently in demand, and it should be only a matter of time before you find the right fit for you.

If you would like to receive more advice about how to negotiate job offers, then please speak to our HR Consulting team who will be happy to help.