It's a match!

It's a match!

According to job search site CareerBuilder, 70% of employers in 2018 screened candidates on social media prior to making a hiring decision, up from 60 percent in 2016 and 11 percent in 2006.  It’s obvious that candidates should learn to use social media to their advantage, but how important is it for a company to have an amazing social media page?


So why is it crucial to have a strong online presence?

  • Accessibility – Your potential hires can easily access your profile, or they already have access! The interconnectedness would make the entire recruiting process smoother and more efficient.

  • Low Cost – Social media is a low priced (in many cases, free) outlet. You can reach this new workforce in a platform where they spend a lot of time on every day.

  • In-depth Insights -Do you hate conducting background check too? Social media is one place where people appear to let their true selves show, you can gain more insight into the potential hires’ habits, personalities and portfolio conveniently. Not only can you find out where their favorite brunch place is, but you can also see if they send out offensive tweets on a regular basis or badmouth his or her boss on Facebook.  It’s also a way to learn more about their passions by looking at the types of accounts they follow.

  • Company Culture-Social media can also showcase a company’s culture to the potential candidates. Whether it’s photos from the company’s latest mooncake party, or just a short clip of the company star’s presentation, the sharing can attract candidates and build a positive brand image.

  • Easy Targeting -Use the power of social media to boost your job ads and target the right candidates in seconds. Consider what the job position is and what your goals are before deciding which combination of Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest will help you achieve your goals.

And most importantly, Law of attraction – Like attracts like.


Social media recruiting now goes beyond posting open roles from company accounts, it’s time to build up your brand and increase its visibility. By being active on social media, prospective talents will come across your brands activities via retweets, mentions, and shares by their friends on different platforms. You’d never know, your next recruit might just be a “like” away!