Most creative resumes we have ever seen

Most creative resumes we have ever seen

Employers receive vast numbers of resumes every day from candidates hoping to land that dream job. Your résumé is the first step in introducing yourself, not only does it show your qualifications, skills and working experience, it also gives you an opportunity to show your personality and creativity.

For most people, writing and creating the perfect resume is a daunting challenge, people invest huge amounts of time and energy to make it look better – to get their dream job. Actually, it is easy to find different résumé templates on the internet. I will introduce some of the best résumé templates in later blog posts. But job hunting can be frustrating and can feel like you are screaming into a well. Anybody there? Is my résumé blocked in the spam mailbox? Consequently, some job seekers come up with extremely creative ideas for their résumés to showcase themselves and their potential. I am not sure how suitable these are for every job seeker, but they will certainly inspire your creative side.


Jessica Wen –

Jessica designed the chocolate résumé packaging concept in 2012 when she was a graphic design major at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. Jessica repacked the chocolate bars with her brief résumé inside the wrapper – “I was able to get a call-back and ended up landing a four-month internship position at a large architecture firm in DC!”


Lukas Yla

Lukas Yla used a donut box to pitch himself to potential employers. Inside each donut box a message read: “Most résumés end up in trash. Mine – in your belly” and URL that links to his Linkedin profile. He delivered it to marketing VP, CMO, or CEO of the companies he wanted to work for. So far, Yla says he’s delivered more than 40 boxes of doughnuts and has landed more than 10 interviews with tech companies and ad agencies in San Francisco.


Simone Fortunini designed his résumé to look like a Google Analytics page as this is the basic tool for online marketing and advertising campaigns.

Bar graphs represented skills and languages; a Google Analytics-style map shows his educational background, and his “Experience” section allows potential employers to click on the various positions to get more information about each of his roles.

“Trying to analyze my professional path like a ‘web site performance’ has been hard but helpful to get an objective point of view about current achievements and future goals.”


Philippe Dubost made his résumé as the selling item in Amazon, it went viral and captured 1.5 million views of his job search and got him 150 job offers as a tech product manager at rapidly growing New York beauty subscription startup Birchbox.

Source : Business Insider – More from Business Insider