Placement for a Marketing Communications Specialist

Placement for a Marketing Communications Specialist

Medical & Healthcare Devices

Company background
The client is a leading company in the production of medical devices. Its headquarters is located in Shanghai, and the company has offices all across Europe, the United States, and Asia Pacific.

The client was looking for a candidate for the role of Marketing Communications Specialist with experience in the medical or healthcare industry. Moreover, the candidate had to have management experience. As the company is growing quickly, the client preferred to hire someone that would be able to create his or her own team in the future. The potential hire would take on multiple roles, had to create strategic plans, and manage online and offline marketing and communications.

How did Gemini Personnel find the perfect candidate?
One of Gemini’s consultants who specialises in the healthcare industry searched for candidates with experience in the medical devices industry that were meeting the client’s requirements. As the position needed to be filled urgently, the consultant also looked into our own wide range of connections in the retail and consumer goods industry. The most suitable candidates in the industry were approached which resulted in a shortlist of potential candidates.

Whilst screening the shortlisted candidates, our consultant identified someone who had worked for several well-known companies in the same industry. The consultant introduced this candidate to the client and two rounds of interviews were scheduled. 

The first interview was conducted by the Human Resource Manager from the office in Shanghai, and the second by the Global Marketing Director via Skype. Because of the speed of our referral, we immediately received feedback from the HR Manager, even though she was considering more candidates from other agencies as well. The client complimented us with the proposed candidate, as he was the most outstanding candidate with the best experience.

The candidate was selected for the position. We offered an extra service to the client by assisting them with the negotiation and hiring process.

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