Successful case: Recruiting a business director for a gas-phase filtration company

Successful case: Recruiting a business director for a gas-phase filtration company

In this situation, we identified industry weaknesses and challenges and came up with relevant solutions in a difficult process for our client.

The client
The client was a global leader in the gas phase filtration industry, located in Shanghai. Their products provide high levels of air quality, in a variety of environments and not limited to oil and gas; water treatment, semiconductors, corrosion protection and odour control.

The client was looking for a candidate for the role of Business Director to meet the needs of the fast growing business development. The Business Director would need to implement and lead a sales strategy to obtain the aggressive growth target within the China semiconductor market. The candidate would need to have experience in product making or sales and have an existing client network in the industry. The candidate was required
to speak fluent English and also needed to show excellent market knowledge.

After we received the assignment from the client, our consultant started searching for suitable candidates. At the time, there were no candidates available fitting the client’s requirements. Our consultant reviewed the requirements and decided to find a candidate with a sales background for a different product. We found a few candidates from the
air production business and selling gas products like electron gas, but their clients came from the semiconductor and display industry, so they had the same clients. Interviews were arranged at the client’s office. 

Due to adjustments in the requirements and flexible thinking of our consultant, the new search criteria resulted in a suitable candidate for the position. The client made them an offer and the candidate accepted.

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