Successful Case: Recruiting an account director for a British technology company

Successful Case: Recruiting an account director for a British technology company

The Client
Our Client is a British technology company that focuses on large-scale simulations in the cloud. Their HQ is in London and the company has several offices in China.

The client is looking for an Account Director in the gaming industry that is responsible for managing one of their large accounts in China.

How did we find the perfect candidate?
The Account Director position required extensive experience in business development in the gaming industry. We looked for the potential fits on LinkedIn and found some candidates.

During the interview with Gemini’s consultant the candidate came across as proactive, straight-forward and with strong business development capabilities in the gaming industry, qualities that are of value to a start-up. Our consultant introduced the candidate to the client immediately and the candidate went through 3 rounds of interviews. First there was a telephone interview with one of the co-founders, followed by a telephone interview with the line manager, and finally the candidate flew to London for an interview with the China CEO.

Two days after the interview, the client made the candidate a job offer. Since it was the first time the client’s China office recruited an overseas candidate, Gemini’s visa consultant supported the client and candidate (Hong Kong resident) during the work visa application process.

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