Successful case study: Engineering Manager

Successful case study: Engineering Manager

Industry: Banking & Finance/ FMCG

Company background
The client is a leading supplier of specialty chemicals, resins, additives and crosslinkers in Hemaraj Eastern Industrial Estate, Rayong Province. The company is based in Luxembourg and operational sites across Europe, the United States, Asia Pacific. This job is the 3rd job assignment with the client.

The client was looking for a candidate with direct experience straight from specialty chemicals including management experience.

How did we find the perfect candidate?
As we have a wide range of candidate in Chemical Industry, finding candidate from our existing connection is the best strategy since this position needed to be replaced urgently. We approached one of the successful candidates in chemical company and obtained a list of potential candidates from him.

After screening the candidate’s profile, we found that he did not change his jobs frequently and has had worked with several well-known multinational company. The consultant was able to propose this candidate immediately and candidate had 2 rounds of interviews – first with the HR Manager, then the Global Director Manufacturer/HSE via Skype.  Since we have a good relationship with the client, we received feedback from HR Manager immediately even though he was considering a lot of candidates from other agencies as well. Our client said our candidate was the most outstanding candidate who had the same company background. However, they still needed more time to make the decision. Our consultant added and informed the client that we would be pleased to support HR Manager as we were aware that HR Manager had a tight schedule.

The outcomes
Finally, we got a positive feedback that our candidate was selected. We offered client to support them what we can do so we supported candidate regarding medical check-up and submit the document to HR.

As the candidate stayed in another province far from Rayong, we helped the client to get medical report on weekends and submitted to HR on Mondays. This is helpful to HR because they need this document to prepare offered salary package within a short time.
Both the client and the candidate were satisfied with our service.

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