3/27 AI讲座人力资源高管圆桌会议回顾 HR Executive Roundtable AI Lecture Recap

March 2024 HR Executive Roundtable Recap

March 27, 2024

On Wednesday, March 27th, Gemini Personnel successfully held the 8th HR Executive Roundtable. We organized the event in collaboration with Dentons Law Firm and their offices on the 24th floor of Shanghai’s 2nd tallest building Shanghai World Financial Center. Over 30 HR Executives, coaches, and service providers gathered to hear Jackie Fong’s insightful presentation on the topic of “How to use AI Tools to Empower Human Resource Functions”.

Jackie Fong comes from System in Motion, a digital consultancy focused on the implementation and training of innovative IT systems.



现场30多位HR高管、教练和行业人员齐聚一堂,聆听Jackie Fong关于

“如何使用AI工具增强人力资源职能” 的深入演讲。

Jackie Fong 来自鼎骏软件科技有限公司,这是一家专注于创新IT系统实施和培训的数字咨询公司。

During the presentation phase, Jackie Fong shared multiple scenarios where AI can assist HR professionals, including writing job descriptions (JDs), Filtering CVs,generating training interviews, and creating meeting minutes of discussions, among others. The correct use of AI tools, such as ChatGPT, centers on defining the task description. The prompt should include the role, context, format, command, and example. In the end, the success of AI depends on the data it uses. Clean and powerful data can generate valuable content that saves time. However, inconsistent and erroneous data will result in “garbage in, garbage out”.

在演示阶段,Jackie Fong分享了人工智能可以帮助人力资源专业人员的多个场景,包括撰写职位描述(JDs),筛选简历,生成培训面试,以及创建会议讨论记录等。






Round table experience sharing by accomplished HR Industry professionals and executives followed the presentation. It highlighted different company approaches to AI usage. Especially striking were the differences in skill level. While some companies are already developing their own AI tools and some HR professionals and executives use AI functions every day, others are starting to learn about the benefits of the technology. AI can help us improve efficiency and increase the quality of our work. Discussion emerged on the safety of this new technology, including personal safety. The software can already create content, such as voice, facial expressions, and videos, that are unrecognizable from a real person.






As we march forward, embracing AI in HR, let's not forget the pivotal role of our human touch. It's our responsibility to design tools that not only enhance efficiency but also uphold the values that define us as a society.

Let's continue the conversation, pushing the boundaries of innovation while keeping a vigilant eye on the ethical compass that guides us.




We are grateful to all the participants for attending this free event, whose mission is to create a knowledge sharing HR Industry executive community. We are also glad for cooperation opportunity and support from Dentons Law Firm and being able welcome guests in their high-end corporate environment.



We will hold the next HR Executive Roundtable on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2024. Interested parties and HR Executives are welcome to register with Gemini Personnel staff to reserve a seat in the future event.

我们下一次人力资源高管圆桌会将于2024年4月23日 周二 举行。

对于有兴趣的个人和人力资源主管,欢迎与Gemini Personnel 联系以预订活动中的座位。

旨在: “ 为人力资源管理人员提供一个专家学习和相互学习的平台 ”


“To create a platform for HR executives to learn from experts and from each other”

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