What are the red flags of a new job?

What are the red flags of a new job?

Or is it just new job jitters?

Starting a new job can be overwhelming. You’re struggling to recognize so many new faces, taking in so much information, and figuring out where to go for happy hour every day. Not to mention trying to be the best employee of the month. You’re doing just fine.

Three months in, you’re getting more and more frustrated. Maybe it could be something more…Here are some red flags of a new job.

Fake promises – All the benefits, pay rises after probation and terms in the offer letter are actually overridden by the contract, and the over letter that you received? Just fake promises. Worse, maybe the job you were hired to do and the job you’re doing are completely.

Dreading the thought of going to work – You catch yourself look at the clock all the time, wishing you could be anywhere but here.

Unspoken rules – Do you feel like you’re back in highschool again, there are so many cliques in the company, and you keep running into unspoken rules?

“In-office” time is more valued than compliments – You’re expected to stay there with the others after working hours although you have already finished your work. The company do not respect holidays and weekends and expects employees to be there all the time.

Lack of help – everyone in their first week of a new job needs a bit of help, but when you find yourself still floating directionless and feeling helpless in the second month, this is a red flag.

Lack of trust in the workplace — If you feel like you’re in the middle of a soccer game and none of your teammate has even try to pass the ball to you. You might be in the wrong job, as your colleague and boss should trust you.

Don’t forget you are the only person who can truly determine if your position is right for you!