Finding the right match in the Chinese gaming industry

Finding the right match in the Chinese gaming industry

Company background
Our client is a British tech-company that focuses on large-scale simulations. Their headquarters are in London and they are setting up offices in China.

The client was looking for an experienced Games Solution Engineer to support their clients with solid development skills.

How did we find the perfect candidate?
The client has advanced and breakthrough technologies in its industry and has high requirements on candidates’ technical skills. They also expect people to speak English fluently; however, in China it is common that tech staff in the gaming industry don’t speak English, so that complicated the search. Our consultant reached out to people in Gemini’s network who fulfilled the client’s requirements and a few people showed interest in the position.

One of the candidates was a start-up owner and looked like a good fit for this position. He has been developing his own games for the last five years and was a full-stack engineer with confidence in his own development skills. Previously, he worked for a big multinational gaming company. The consultant called the candidate to learn more about his career, as well as test his English per our client’s requirements.

Our consultant introduced the candidate to the client and the candidate went through three different stages during the selection. First of all, the candidate was interviewed by one of the co-founders and a technical engineer through phone, followed by an online test of which the results indicated his technical skills to be strong enough. Finally, the candidate went to the client’s London headquarters to have the final interview with the CEO.

The outcome
After the selection process the client made an offer to the candidate Gemini sourced. Our consultant helped both parties negotiate, to overcome differences in client’s and candidate expectations. The client and candidate were pleased with our professional service.

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