Successful case: Recruiting a Business Development Consultant with high standards

Successful case: Recruiting a Business Development Consultant with high standards

In this situation, we identified business weaknesses and challenges and came up with relevant solutions in a difficult process for our candidate.

The client
The client was a renowned consulting firm, located in Bangkok, with outstanding leadership development and strategy. They deliver results through identification, assessments, and development of leadership talent. The client works with the most successful local and multinational organizations in Thailand.

Our client was looking for a candidate with a minimum of five years’ experience in the consulting industry. Besides that, the candidate had to possess a strong personality and be able to communicate in fluent English. The candidate they were looking for was required to take an initial assessment. The assessment required a high level of different skills, so it was hard to find a suitable candidate who could pass the test.

After we received the assignment from the client, our consultant started searching for suitable candidates in Gemini’s networks and through several online platforms. The consultant produced a shortlist of suitable candidates, one of them clearly stand out from the rest with excellent English skills and high qualifications. The consultant sent the candidate’s profile to the client. When the client received the candidate’s profile, they immediately contacted Gemini’s consultant to set up the first step of the process; an online assessment. The candidate completed the test on the same day and achieved a positive result, so the client requested an interview at the client’s office.

The outcome
The candidate was interviewed by the CEO and the next morning, the client called and let our consultant know they were impressed by the professional background and qualified personality of our candidate. Therefore, the selection process was continued with a scenario interview in The Philippines and a two-day skills workshop. The candidate completed all selection rounds with great results, so the clients offered them the position, which they happily accepted.

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