Successful case: Three positions for a US company opening up in Shanghai

Successful case: Three positions for a US company opening up in Shanghai

The client is a leading company in the chemical industry, specifically in the development and manufacturing of chromatography products. They are headquartered in the United States and recently set-up an office in Shanghai.

As their office in Shanghai was recently established, they were eager to recruit the first employees; a Marketing Communications Specialist, a Warehouse Assistant, and an Account Assistant. The candidates had to have experience in the chemical market, be professional, enthusiastic and eager to learn. Moreover, the potential hires would have to be able to function on both a strategic level, creating plans, and on operational level, managing detailed work, the goal is to promote them to managerial level in the future.

One of Gemini’s consultants that specialises in the manufacturing industry searched for suitable candidates. As the positions needed to be filled urgently, the consultant not only used Gemini’s database to search for candidates but also reached out to our wide range of connections in the industry.

For each candidate a phone call and face-to-face interview were required to determine whether the person would be a good fit for the client, leading to our consultant introducing several suitable
candidates to the client.

At first, it was challenging to interest candidates in the positions, due to the small scale of the company and the lack of senior staff to support them. However, when Gemini’s consultant made them
aware of the opportunities for career progression and the development-oriented culture of the organisation, candidates expressed interest in interviewing with the client.

The client selected candidates to fill all three positions. Gemini personnel supported the clients in making the candidates and offer, by providing them with relevant market information. The
candidates accepted the offer and all commenced work within a month.

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