Prevention of Heat Stroke & Heat Stress at Work

It was good news for employees earlier this year when the Hong Kong Labour Department announced the publication of Guidance Notes on Prevention of Heat Stroke at Work and Heat Stress at Work Warning on 15 May.

To enhance the understanding of employers and staff of the level of heat stress in outdoor or indoor working environments, without air-conditioning and under hot weather, the department has introduced three levels of Heat Stress at Work Warnings based on the Hong Kong Heat index.

The warning levels are amber, red and black, indicating that heat stress in certain working environments is high, very high and extremely high respectively.

The department also reminded citizens that since the nature and requirements of different industries and job positions vary, employers and employees should make reference to the guidance notes in advance and adopt a risk-based approach and consultative approach to devise recommendations and mutually acceptable work-rest schedules under different levels of the Heat Stress at Work Warning.