Updated Requirements for Chinese Visa Application

Updated Requirements for Chinese Visa Application

Welcome to the latest update from Gemini Personnel on the Visa Application process for foreign nationals who wish to enter China.

On 10th August, several Europe-based Chinese embassies published a notice on “Visa Facilitation for Some Foreign Nationals with Valid Chinese Residence Permits (Notice).” This Notice was posted on the websites for the Chinese embassies in Denmark and Germany for reference.

According to the updated policy, foreigners from the 36 listed European countries(see below for the full list) who hold valid residence permits may now apply for an M visa to return to China at any Chinese embassy or consulate in these 36 countries, and a PU letter is no longer required for these such visa applications.

An updated Notice was also posted on the Chinese Embassy in the UK website on the 15th August, which provides more details on what the current procedure is and what the rules allow for.

The European Chamber of Commerce in China has also clarified further details on what this policy means practice, and they have provided an example scenario for European citizens from the 36 listed countries:

“Visa applications will be accepted based on both an applicant’s nationality as well as their current place of residence (both have to be on the list of 36 countries). In other words, a Swedish person currently residing in France will be able to follow this process, but a Belgian residing in Jamaica will not, nor will an Indian residing in Spain.”

Gemini’s Visa Team have been working closely with businesses and local government partners over the past few months, and have been able to support the applications of a number of foreign staff and their families to return to China.

If you or your company would like the latest advice on guidance on how to apply for a return to China, then please contact our Visa Manager Lily Zhang lilyz@i-five.com.cn for more information!